Energynet Platform

The foundation of the Energynet platform is a high-definition model of a regional power delivery network, integrating interstate, regional and local transmission, sub-transmission, and distribution line segments and components as a single network.

Legacy system monitoring points mapped within the Energynet model gain topological and geospatial relevance, supporting modern, smart grid functionality. 

The Energynet simulation provides visibility into network conditions both system-wide and within any circuit at any device, and directly shows the impact of any network change.

The Energynet model is derived from re-purposed, conventional legacy utility data using sophisticated software, and can be updated with every update of the underlying source data.  

The Energynet simulation is shown through field validation to be a usefully accurate predictor of actual network conditions at individual distribution devices - between monitoring points, where monitoring is sparse, and under hypothetical operating scenarios.

Why guess if you can know?