Conservation Voltage Reduction

The Energynet simulation provides deep visibility into voltage conditions through all of a regional network's distribution circuits under varying operating conditions, even at network edges and where monitoring is sparse. This allows confident identification of those circuits with flat voltage profiles and nominally high voltage throughout, over a range of operating conditions.
Such circuits are candidates for conservation voltage reduction through simple voltage regulation changes, without network upgrades or modifications.

Case Study

In a recent project an Energynet model identified those area distribution circuits belonging to a group served from a common regulating transformer, all of which meet a set criterion for flat, nominally high voltage throughout. The Energynet model revealed that 45% of the area circuits met these criteria under summer peak and winter peak conditions, and 80% of the area circuits met these criteria under winter peak conditions.

This suggests that for this power delivery system, voltage could be reduced for energy conservation by 1-2% for much of the area load during most of the year's peak hours, without reducing service quality and without system modifications.