Energynet Simulation Validation

The Energynet simulation has been shown to be a statistically valid predictor of actual network conditions indicated by field sensor measurements.

14 Fish Substation circuit voltage profiles - field vs. simulation
Conditions of the Validation Tests

  • Large regional power delivery system incorporating nearly 250 distribution circuits.
  • Varying operating conditions.


  • Field data from 864 widely-dispersed monitoring points, the majority out on distribution radials away from substations.

  • Uniform field monitoring density - real and reactive power flow and line voltage profile for every circuit.

  • Individual distribution loads extrapolated from substation data or infilled using Energynet software.



    • Simulation and field power flow values are very strongly correlated.

    • Simulation and field voltage values are not statistically different.

    • 2% variability between simulation and field voltage values - well within a 5% range of interest.

    • Simulation can reflect actual circuit voltage profile as well as voltage level.


    Validation of high-definition electric power delivery network simulation, Evans, P.B.; Lind, S.; Dossey, T., IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2010. PESGM 2010. IEEE, 25-29 Aug. 2010.