Energynet Solutions

The Energynet platform supports a growing set of solutions or applications that meet the needs of the operators of modern power delivery networks.

Wide Area Situational Awareness, or the ability to monitor and manage power system components based on an understanding of how each component affects the system as a whole, is a priority smart grid feature.

Where smart grid measures are deployed within the distribution system or at end-use customer sites, reliable, granular knowledge of the conditions within the power delivery system is essential. The Energynet platform provides the tools and visibility to allow network planners and operators to “see” conditions across their networks at the distribution element level. This enables them to gauge the impact of practices or projects locally and system-wide, opening the door to results-oriented deployment of smart grid solutions.

New Power Technologies is a licensed provider of GRIDiant Corporation's GRIDmaster suite and is a licensee for InStep Software’s eDNA and OSIsoft’s PI System. The Energynet platform uses a variety of technologies including GE Energy's PSLF and GridSense's LineTrackers and Transformer IQ.

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