About Us

New Power Technologies is dedicated to moving advanced energy technologies from theory to practical application. The company’s Energynet® technologies enable power delivery network analysis and management with unprecedented transparency, precision, and ease of integration to support high-performance and high-efficiency network operation and planning. The Energynet power network management platform supports a variety of solutions and applications.

New Power Technologies is a core team of software and power system engineers who, since 2004, have successfully carried the company's technologies through proof-of-concept, full-scale demonstration, field validation, and commercial pilot stages.

New Power Technologies is a licensed provider of GRIDiant Corporation's GRIDmaster suite of power system analysis tools. 

Peter Evans
President and founder of New Power Technologie

Peter Evans has has spent a career capitalizing on early opportunities in each successive wave of innovation in energy, beginning with nuclear power and followed by competitive wholesale power generation, power marketing, energy and clean technology, and now the smart grid.

Prior to founding New Power Technologies, Mr. Evans served as Senior Vice President, Business Development for Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc. While at Catalytica Mr. Evans redirected the commercialization strategy for the company’s proprietary gas turbine pollution prevention technology to take advantage of emerging opportunities in distributed generation. He also developed the company’s business plan and registration statements for a prospective IPO and ultimate spinoff as a public company. Prior to Catalytica Mr. Evans served as Director at Enron Capital & Trade Corp., where he helped develop trading and dispatch strategies to maximize the value of power generating assets. He also led the company's bid to acquire PG&E's power generation assets. Prior to Enron Mr. Evans served as Director, Marketing and Development at U.S. Generating Company, or USGen, PG&E's competitive wholesale power affiliate, where he developed the company’s first combined-cycle “GE F-Class” competitive wholesale generating plant and helped form NEG’s wholesale power marketing business. Mr. Evans also led negotiations resulting in the nation’s first CO2 emission standard for new power plants, enacted by the State of Oregon as HB 3283. Prior to USGen Mr. Evans served in engineering and finance positions of increasing responsibility at Pacific Gas & Electric Company and PG&E Enterprises, PG&E’s investment affiliate.

Mr. Evans serves on the IEEE P1547.7 and P1547.8 working groups and the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. Mr. Evans holds BS degrees in Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Evans holds U.S. Patents in distributed energy resources and power system analysis and has several additional patents pending. He is a Professional Mechanical Engineer in California and a Chartered Financial Analyst.